Dunrobin Distilleries Wins Another Gold & Silver Medal. Now Sixteen Awards Across Six Major Competitions Since June 2022!

It’s a great time to be a gin drinker, even if you’re not one. By Stephen Beaumont

Once upon a time, gin was among the most polarizing of spirits, alongside tequila and, perhaps, heavily peated Scottish whisky.

It was the juniper, you see, the single ingredient that defines the spirit. Some people love it, many do not.

Today, that situation has changed, and in fairly dramatic fashion. A search for ‘gin’ on the LCBO website will return 214 results. Tighten it up to yield Canadian-produced spirits alone and you’ll still get 81 packages and brands; go to Ontario-only and you’ll find 58 individual results.

In short, gin is booming...

Dunrobin Artisanal Gin (40%): A brand new gin distilled in the Ottawa area, and available by mail order or through a limited number of LCBO outlets, this is broadly in the London Dry style, although with an olfactory sweetness that translates also to the palate entry and makes for a highly approachable spirit. On the mid-palate, there are ample herbal notes to complement the peppery juniper and a sort of floral orange accent. The dry finish recommends this for martinis with a fruity vermouth – the Tawse Vermouth would be nice, I suspect – or creative mixology. A very impressive debut for this young operation.

Original Article: https://winesinniagara.com/2021/06/its-a-great-time-to-be-a-gin-drinker/

By Stephen Beaumont


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