Dunrobin Distilleries Wins Another Gold & Silver Medal. Now Sixteen Awards Across Six Major Competitions Since June 2022!

Our Story

Welcome to the captivating world of Dunrobin Distilleries, a Canadian gem grown out of the rich soil of an organic farm. With a deep-rooted understanding of the importance of quality ingredients, Dunrobin harnesses the power of nature to create exquisite spirits which garner international acclaim. From humble origins to an award-winning distillery, Dunrobin Distilleries is proud to deliver the  essence of true Canadian craftsmanship to the world.

Our story begins on a picturesque organic farm nestled in the heart of Canada. It is here that Dunrobin Distilleries discovered the true essence of exceptional spirits lies in the careful selection of ingredients. The pristine fields, fertile earth, and pure water that surrounded the distillery served as a constant reminder of the vital role nature plays in creating exceptional spirits. Inspired by the bountiful resources at their fingertips, the passionate artisans at Dunrobin Distilleries embarked on a mission to create spirits that would not only delight the senses but also honor the environment.

Through years of dedication and unwavering commitment, Dunrobin Distilleries honed their craft, perfecting the art of distillation. Every step of the process, from sourcing organic grains to utilizing both traditional and innovative distillation techniques, was meticulously scrutinized to ensure the highest level of quality. The distillery's deep-rooted connection to the land and its respect for nature's bounty became the guiding principles behind each bottle of spirits they produced.

Word of Dunrobin Distilleries' exceptional spirits began to spread far and wide. The passion and commitment of the distillery's people resonated with connoisseurs, experts, and judges alike, leading to numerous prestigious international awards. From the smooth and nuanced flavors of their whisky to the vibrant botanical profiles of their gin, Dunrobin Distilleries' products have captured the hearts of spirits enthusiasts around the globe.

Today, Dunrobin Distilleries stands tall as a beacon of Canadian excellence, proudly sharing its meticulously crafted spirits with the world. Each bottle is a testament to the dedication, passion, and unwavering pursuit of perfection that defines this remarkable distillery. From the rolling hills of their organic farm to the international stage, Dunrobin Distilleries continues to exemplify the spirit of Canadian craftsmanship.

As you embark on your journey with Dunrobin Distilleries, prepare to be captivated by the symphony of flavours, the purity of ingredients, and the unwavering commitment to quality that define our spirits. From our Canadian home to your glass, we invite you to savour the essence of our land, our people, and our heritage. Welcome to the world of Dunrobin Distilleries—where nature's gifts meet the artistry of distillation, all for your enjoyment.

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