Dunrobin Distilleries Wins Another Gold & Silver Medal. Now Sixteen Awards Across Six Major Competitions Since June 2022!

Welcome To Our Distillery

Welcome to Dunrobin Distilleries, a proudly Canadian distillery based in the heart of eastern Ontario. Our mission? To share our premium Canadian Whisky and other premium spirits with the rest of the world. With a touch of curiosity and a dash of Canadian pride, we set out to craft spirits with cask flavours that perfectly complement those unforgettable occasions where taste and memories intertwine.

Our distillery is dedicated to crafting spirits that complement those special moments in life. Picture this: a gathering of cherished friends, the crackling of a roaring fire, and the sounds of crystal glasses coming together before sips are taken, creating an ambiance that stirs the soul. It's in those moments that our spirits shine, forging memories that intertwine with the delectable taste of our creations.

At Dunrobin Distilleries, we take great pride in the cask finishing of premium spirits, offering a variety of flavours that dance on the palate. Each cask flavour tells its own story, infusing our spirits with unique notes that elevate the experience. Our whiskies and rums are a symphony of flavours, from the smoothness of oak and bourbon blends to the elegant finishes of the finest port wines and sherries, creating a sensory journey that lingers long after the glass is empty. Our multi internationally award-winning gins speak of the harmony between the unique selection of botanicals used and our vodkas are as smooth as freshly fallen snow and as crisp as a winters morning. 

With unwavering dedication and an unwavering Canadian spirit, we strive to share the allure of our spirits with the world. From the rolling hills of eastern Ontario, we embark upon a mission—bringing our premium Canadian Whisky and fine spirits to the discerning drinker, far and wide. It's a journey where craftsmanship, tradition and innovation converge in every bottle, conveying the very essence of our Canadian soul.

So raise your glass, my friend, and join us on this remarkable adventure. Let the flavours of Dunrobin Distilleries whisk you away to moments of cherished celebration, where memories are forged, and the taste of spirits are remembered. Cheers to Dunrobin Distilleries, where the art of crafting exceptional spirits meets the joy of creating extraordinary moments.

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