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Dunrobin challenging traditions with premium, handcrafted limoncello

Dunrobin Distilleries is known as “The Spirit of Exploration” for exploring the natural aromas and flavours unique to Canada. Its re-imagined limoncello is distinctly Canadian. 

OTTAWA, ONTARIO: Dunrobin Distilleries launches its inaugural premium liqueur with a new twist on a traditional digestif: a complex, exotic limoncello that gives this iconic European liqueur a Canadian twist. Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as a digestif or used as an ingredient in cocktails that call for a lemon flavour. 

“With our limoncello, we want to reward people’s curiosity, to engage their senses and connect them to the spirit of exploration which is the driving force behind our distillery,” says Mark Watson, co-founder of Dunrobin Distilleries. “This is not a traditional limoncello, in the sense that we have switched some of the ingredients. Instead of refined granular sugar, we were inspired by the wild harvested honey on our organic farm to add sweetness. The liqueur is also greatly enhanced by the use of richly flavoured Madagascar vanilla that we have combined with hints licorice to deliver a truly indulgent tasting experience.”  

Co-founder Adrian Spitzer developed the new spirit, aiming to evoke the feeling of comfort food. “A cup of tea with lemon and honey is comforting to me,” says Spitzer. “The vanilla is suggestive of baked goods and home cooking.” The licorice flavour was inspired by a trip to New Orleans, where Spitzer tasted a unique and delicious lemonade featuring licorice. 

He describes the final result: “When you taste Dunrobin limoncello, you get the honey, vanilla and lemon flavors in a complex mix, and then that little nod to licorice on the finish. It has an incredible bouquet. It’s very different than any limoncello that’s out there, and it’s meant to be. We’re pushing the boundaries to create great spirits.” 

This new liqueur uses Dunrobin’s winter-wheat vodka as a base, giving it a smooth, creamy texture. 

It will be sold exclusively through Dunrobin’s website, for a limited time. Order now to have this premium, small-batch, handcrafted liqueur on hand for special celebrations, or whenever you feel adventurous. 

About Dunrobin Distilleries: 

We are a craft distillery, with an organic farm located in Dunrobin, Ontario. We focus on producing single malt whisky and other artisanal spirits including gin, vodka, rye and a full line of all-natural bitters. We combine the finest quality ingredients with our passion for small batch, handcrafted distilling to produce a final product you will be proud to share with others. For more information and press photos, please visit our media page. 

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