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4-Pack - Rye Whisky & Ginger Ale

4-Pack - Rye Whisky & Ginger Ale - Dunrobin Distilleries

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At the heart of this cocktail lies Dunrobins' award-winning Canadian Rye Whisky, renowned for its exceptional quality and smooth character. Distilled with precision and care, this whisky embodies the essence of Canadian craftsmanship. Its velvety texture and intricate blend of grains create a foundation of unparalleled depth, delivering a sip that is simultaneously robust and refined.

To enhance the complexity and add a refreshing twist, we combine the Canadian Rye whisky with the lively fizz of ginger ale. This pairing brings a vibrant kick to the cocktail, infusing it with the invigorating spiciness of ginger. The effervescence of the ginger ale dances on your palate, complementing the rich flavours of the Rye whisky and creating a perfectly balanced harmony that is both enticing and satisfying.


4 x 355mL Cans

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