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Founders Club - Cask Ownership

We have begun to mature both whisky and rum in carefully selected barrels while we continue to expand our existing line of spirits that are bringing us closer to our goal of becoming a globally recognized distillery. With the existing popularity of cask ownership due to its proven profitability, we decided to give our customers the option to also share in the excitement of this unique stage in our history while benefitting financially as the spirits mature. We also believe it will be a great way to build closer relationships with fellow whisky and rum aficionados and why we are planning many private tasting events and cask tours throughout the maturation process for founding members.
How does cask whiskey or rum investment work?
Cask whisky or rum investments offer private investors, hospitality businesses and sporting clubs the opportunity to purchase casks of new-make spirit, made fresh off the still. Dunrobin Distilleries will produce your spirit of choice, which then has to be transferred into casks for maturation. Whiskey must be aged, ideally between five to 10 years, or longer during which, its value increases year on year.  
Solid Returns
Estimated accumulative short-term returns of 6%, medium term of x%, and long term x%.
Unique and Limited
Each cask is unique, and only available directly from Dunrobin Distilleries. No two casks will ever be the same.
Maturating in Value
Time is on your side. Whisky only matures in the cask. The older and more mature a whisky, the greater the value.
Safe and Secure
Casks can only be held in government bonded warehouses and cannot be faked or fabricated.
Delicious Asset
Whisky casks are a physical, tangible asset that you own. You can sample them, trade them or even bottle them!
Investment Realisation
Our multiple exit strategies and global client base ensures a hassle-free exit from your investment.
Can I visit my cask?
Yes. Some bonded warehouses allow you to visit your cask, and where this is not possible, we can arrange for your cask to be moved.
Can I request samples?
Yes! You can request samples of your whisky cask. You can also request a regauge to give an update on your cask's maturation.
What are the storage charges?
Not much. Storage costs between 20 and 30 pence a week, but may vary depending on the warehouse.
How can I insure my cask?
Some warehouses provide insurance against fire and theft. We can introduce you to insurance companies that can insure your whisky cask.
Can I Bottle My Cask?
Yes! Please bear in mind that duty and VAT are payable before your bottles leave a bonded warehouse.
How Do I Know it's Real?
Due to strict government control, each cask has a paper trail known as a 'Delivery Order' and a unique cask number.
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